Who controls us? Do nature or we control ourselves?

How things are happening? Who we are? Who is controlling us? All these questions we encounter when we are passing through some unpleasant sensation. In that way ‘Pain’ is good it helps us to look into the question which words cannot explain. It is more about being felt then to be told or answered. However, in this post, I’m arranging my views.

Life beings with nature. Whatever we see around us, is the part of nature. Everything is just a combination of one or some components of our environment. Either we’ve extracted it directly from nature or combined it with some components of nature. We are just able to reach the pick of the perfect combination and we call it an invention. If we see it clearly nothing has been created rather everything is combined in a certain way that we feel something is new. Man is also the part of this combination – The food we eat becomes our body, the things we see become our thoughts and the place we are, make our culture which molds our attitude. Overall our physical environment is shaping us and in an indirect manner our cultural environment.

To explain this Ellen Churchill Semple (an American geographer) in her book ‘Influences of Geographic Environment’ says that “Man is a product of the earth’s surface”. She explained further, with this she didn’t mean earth’s biggest creation is a man but ‘dust of her dust’. Man is the smallest part of nature -Nature gave some task, directed his thoughts, gave difficulties in the path with some hints of the solution too which will take everyone towards the evolution. Nature’s, nature is evolution and man is just a vehicle of nature, not separate from it. Whether we accept it or not, we want it or not, nature will take everything to evolution we have no choice.

 The relationship between man and environment is not as easy as plants and animals do have, as man is the only animal which creates his own cultural environment, which sets all the difference. However, the study of man-environment(nature) relation is not new, It started with the origin of man but traces could be found when the study of knowledge has been started by Greeks. From the beginning, the man tries to conquer nature and use it in the way he wants. For example, from our basic need of food, we are depended on nature and cultivate within the limit of the region. The houses we built is depended on the materials within the limit of the resource of the region. This is very basic reason why we all are interested in the man-nature study – To Conquer it, to extract something out of it and change it according to us but we forget Nature is so silent in her ways that we are unable to see, it’s Nature only who are ruling us and guiding us we are ‘Dust of her Dust’.

 The whole thought of whether a man is an active force- able to move and take decisions according to him or passive agent- directed by nature. In both cases, the ‘landscape’ is very important because all the happening requires a stage and nature provides the stage of happening. This stage has a very deeper influence on man not only physically but also psychologically.

In the fifth century BC, Herodotus (a Greek scholar) emphasized that ‘All History must be treated geographically and all Geography must be treated historically’. This statement indirectly explains how our surrounding affects us. All the events of the history happened on a ground which affected that event or happening. The nature of the area provided a physical background to the event to occur. The physical space is not separate from all the happening. As every event takes place on the earth’s surface and therefore is more or less molded by its nature’s setting. Understanding nature is important to reach an accurate understanding of the event.

Some other scholars of Greek stabilized a connection between the habited area and man. Aristotle was first in explaining the relationship between places where people live and the climatic condition of the area. However, he emphasized that the area near the equator is not suitable for human due to excessive heat (Torrid Zone), the area too far from the equator is also not fit for human because of snow cover (Frigid Zone) and in the middle temperate zone is the best part for habitation. This is modified by other scholars with the growth of knowledge (like Eratosthenes; Posidonius; and Strabo). Strabo looked at the other aspects too like shape, relief, space relationship and explained how Italy became the central power of the Rome Empire. Today also most of the world population is concentrated between the torrid zone and frigid zone for example the world’s most populated countries are- India, China, Bangladesh, the USA, and Pakistan. Every country’s history influenced by its local climate, soil, relief, its location whether inland or maritime, its river, highways, and its boundaries of mountain, sea, or dessert. With a link in a great chain of lands, all these things not only affect the country but also the people and the cultural world made by people. Directly or indirectly everything is influenced by nature. Aristotle explained further that how nature affects the human at very subtle way, He said the humans of colder countries like Europe are brave, not deficient in thought, have the technical skill and as a consequence of this, they remained free longer than others whereas people of the hot region like India are skillful without spirit hence the permanent condition remained slavery. According to him, Greeks live in the intermediate region and perfect for both. With this, he gives light to how nature can affect human behavior and the culture of the place. A British scholar who totally agreed with Aristotle, Nathaniel Carpenter, explained the determining effect of climate and soil on the character of the people. People in cold climates are stronger physically, more courageous, more Frank, less suspicious and less cunning than those of the hot region who are like old men, timorous, weak in body, indolent and passive. All the scholars of different times always tried to look man and nature relationship and somehow more or less reached the same conclusion. The Arabs were the pioneer in the study of monsoon, man-water relationship. Al-Masudi (an Arab scholar) stated ‘The level of happiness depends on the humidity of the place’. But he didn’t provide any proof of his statement. This could be because we get so busy with finding the result that it becomes difficult to see the slow process which is creating the result, generally, we take one or two-component of nature to analysis how it affects us, but Nature does not exist in part, whatever development we see around us is because of the nature, even all of us too, nothing is beyond Nature. Everything is nature.

Kitab-al-Hind, a book by Al-Baruni explains the effect of nature on the Hindu religion. But not only the Hindu religion all the religions in the world are the effect of surrounding only. Religion is a way of living in a certain way which is best for that area, the customs, dressing, and way of worship is directed by nature. The way of dressing in religions is related to the climatic condition of the area, the customs are related to resource availability and the food habits is related to the location of the origin of religion. Nature affects politics, economics, and education, in short, the human cultural environment. The two major world power USA and Russia is a result of their site. The attack on Russia by Hitler was a result of ‘Lebensraum (Living Space)’- The concept which combines Darwin’s theory to living space. Hitler loses too because he failed to understand the nature of Russia. It feels like people drive politics but the source of all drive is nature only. All the war which had happened, or still going on is just because we want to take control over some part of nature. We all want to drive nature according to us, but see to it nature is speaking with loud silence which is unheard by us until nature makes some real sound and then we call it a disaster. However, Ibn-Khaldun (an Arab scholar) established direct man-environment relationship by analyzing the sun poison and color of humans, the people turned black when they lived too close to the Sun (Equator) and that when black people moved to the temperate zone they gradually turned white and produced white children.- This is the basic physical change which could be noticed by any one of us, but it doesn’t happen in a day or in a few years – nature takes its own time, which includes your many lifetimes. If we try to analysis people of different region we’ll notice people living in mountain region provided by strong legs to climb the slope, whereas the people living in the coastal area have a broad chest and arm to handle the force of water, and in the plain area, people are dull but have wit and ambition to handle their fields. Many scholars also conclude that the people in the mountain region are laborious and people living in the plain area are more wealthy, have contact with many minds and have large urban centers. This cloud be seen in any part of the world, for example, people living in Himachal Pradesh (a mountain region) is thin and doesn’t have any major source of income but the people in Uttar Pradesh (a plain region) are healthier as well as have more connection with other people.

The root of nature’s influence is underground before we can trace the effect it develops without getting noticed and all of a sudden we can see the result. In the analysis of nature’s effect generally, people take it as the effect of time. But in reality, the time does not exist it is just earth rotates and reaches a different position and all the effect is of change in the location. Time is just a measure of the earth’s rotation.

The complexity of this situation does not end here. The modification of human development by the environment is a natural process; like all other natural processes, it keeps ongoing. When I say human development it does not only include humans, but the earth is an inseparable whole. Everything is a portion of that whole, The whole of nature. Currents and wind-systems of the oceans modify the climate of the nearby continents, which change the landscape of the terrestrial area, and in an indirect manner takes everything towards evolution. But the story doesn’t end here – human always remains in the search of how to control nature.

Nature’s effect can be seen as:
–Physical Effect
–Effect on Mind
–Economic and Social effect

The physical effect is so obvious that it could be noticed as the difference in human races related to different climatic condition and physiography – Caucasoid (White Race), Negroid (Black Race), Mongoloid (Asian) and Australoid (Australian) etc. This difference is due to the physical environment. Hence how we’ll look we feel is controlled by us, from which family we come determines our nose or eyes- I’m not denying the fact the DNA holds the information but if we carry it’s not DNA but the place of your birth- the location holds more information. It’s pure environment decision that what to be passed on to the next generation or what to not. For example, Aymara Indians inhabiting the high Andean plateaus have a large lung capacity but when they shift to plains there is a shift in their lungs capacity from generation to generation.

We all are different no two is exactly the same, but we all hold one thread that is human life. In this unity of human life, the diversity of race is just modification of us over a long period of time, or in Darwin terms the adaptation of the environment. But the question is are we really adapting the environment or we are left with no choice knowing or unknowing the environment is changing us? One may say his work influenced his body type, but in reality, nature forces us to do that work which brings change or if I say more clearly ‘Evolution’. A little awake person will say It’s my habit, my decision but in the real sense, it is not like that as Tartars of Mongolia have the habit of rising their shoulders — to protect the neck against the cold. Turkmens have small, slit eyes and swollen lids is a result of the desert region. Habit is not what we make, it is what we adept from surroundings. The physical effects are more visual and no doubt they are the result of different climate and region and all these are reflected in man’s behavior, thoughts, literature, and language. For example, Eskimo believe their hell is full of storms, darkness and intense cold this is due to the region they live in. But, still, we feel it’s our choice and forget to see how we got those choices how we got what we like or dislike how we got that we will behave in a particular manner Only- Everything is driven by Nature. E. G. Dexter (An American scholar) believed our behavior has a relation with the climate of the area. In 1904 he published a work in which he found a statistically significant correlation between weather and conduct, suicide and other crimes. If the source gets affected, it changes the whole constitute of its product. Nature is that source.

Nature has many pictures which are unseen,
Many sounds which are unheard,
Many feelings remain untouched,
Nature is not so vast that you cannot see it’s beauty-
But, sadly you’ve limited yourself too much;
That you can’t even see yours!!
You’re Nature. 

Heart to ‘heart’… (2/2)

The Last call…

मेरी हर सुबह तुम्हरी याद से होती है,
बस, कुछ मुस्कान से होती है, तो कुछ आंसू से होती है।
(Every day my day starts with your memories,
Some are with the smile,
And some are with tears…)

Regardless my all try, I’m still not able to sleep, anytime, and anywhere I could sleep except in the darkness because they are filled by her dreams.

  Deep lost in her dream one of the evenings when I got up ~ as if someone is calling my name. Certainly, a familiar voice ‘Adi‘…my phone was lighting with some text and very soon the call.

Yes!! Call by her. Before I can make up myself, or draw all the courage to answer, my quivering hands picked up the call. Why I’m shaking? No, I’m not a drug addict but once I had her addiction and this time it was called by her. With her voice, I was on the seventh sky, my prayers were accepted, my heart started dancing and my soul started crying in deep love.
And the voice on the other side says ‘Adi’!!

Once when you’re really close to someone then days of separation doesn’t affect much, you feel the same closeness after many days and this time it was six months, three weeks and five days.
‘How she is’ was the question of my life and death at that particular movement but hiding all my trepidation I asked her quietly ‘is everything fine?’
Poof!! Bombarded with many quires, many questions, many emotions in just a few minutes and like old days I made comeback, laughing and enjoying the company of best the person I had.

‘Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.’ And for the first time, I was experiencing something which any word is not appropriate to explain. But one thing is sure all the loneliness, fear, vanished in the sense of oneness. I met with my own soul. Like an ocean, I opened myself completely in front of her and like rain in the ocean she was making me sweat. Her words, her voice started dancing in my heart again…the unsung song of my heart finally got his perfect tune back.

But, ‘Love is an illusion I recall’ and very soon she asked me to move on!! To forget and live happily this is her last call because she ‘moved on’.

हम एक दूसरे की खामोशी समझते थे ना,
फिर कैसे एक दूसरे के शब्दों को भी नहीं समझ पाए?
कभी इशारों को भी समझते थे ना,
फिर कैसे एक दूसरे की आवाज भी नहीं सुन पाए?
ना इतना दर्द होता-
ना इतनी दूरियां होती;
हम तो कभी एक दूसरे की आंखों को समझे थे ना,
फिर कैसे आज आंसू को भी नहीं देख पाए?

Blankness, Where I do not understand anything nor I can make you all understand. I requested, made my all try again but sometimes you do not have any control over the situation, this is what she explained. And I requested her never to call me again what so ever happens. Do not come in my dreams again, do not make me feel her presence again, let me be, be with the pain…
I woke up- and now I doubt she was real or just a dream?

Heart to ‘heart’… (1/2)

Would you recognize me, years later-
If we crossed paths again?

If My eyes don’t search for yours,
In a crowded space?
If My hands don’t tremble,
When you look at me.
If my breath doesn’t follow yours,
If my heart doesn’t follow your rhythm,
If I tell you that-
I finally learned how to smile even in all pain.

Would you recognize me even later,
If we crossed path again.

And by this time
I would not need you –
To hold my hand out,
Cuz I learned how to find my way
Would you recognize me?

Would you recognize me even later,
If we crossed path again.

कभी-कभी शब्द कम पड़ जाते हैं समझाने के लिए कि दिल में क्या चल रहा है, जो शायद अब मैं तुम्हें कभी नहीं समझा पाऊंगा ।

थोड़ा सा दुखी हूँ गुस्से में भी हूँ, गुस्सा तुम से भी है और खुद से भी है- पर थामा हुआ है खुद को क्योंकि आखरी बार तुमने मुझसे यही मांगा था । पर यह सब बात आँसू कहाँ समझते हैं । शायद हम दोनों गलत थे कि हम एक दूसरे को समझने लगे हैं आखिर सड़े-तीन साल काफी होते हैं भ्रम देने के लिए और हमें भी प्यार का भ्रम हो गया। सायद में प्यार को समझा ही नहीं और ना ही आज समझता हूँ- जिसे देखो उसने अपने हिसाब से प्यार को मोड़ रखा है। मैं जानता हूं तुमने बहुत कोशिश की मुझे समझने की मेरी बात मानने की आखिर तुम्हारे लिए भी आसान ना था यू रास्ता बदल देना पर सच तो यह है कि ना तुम्हारे पास कोई और रास्ता था ना मेरे पास अब कोई और रास्ता है।

कहाँ से चालू करू वहाँ से जब हम इंग्लिश क्लास में मिले थे या वहाँ से जब पहली बार मैंने तुम्हारे लिए एक कविता लिखी थी, या वहाँ से जब तुम पागलों की तरह मेरा बर्थडे सेलिब्रेट करना चाहती थी और जो-जो समझ आया सब कुछ ले आई थी मेरे लिए..

कहीं से भी करो शायद अब फर्क नहीं पड़ता है यह जो भी पल था अब बीत गया है, मुस्कुराहट और आंसू अब दोनों ही है इन पालो के साथ है।

यादों को छोड़ना या भुला पाना बहुत मुश्किल है मैं जानता हूँ, तुम्हें भी सब याद होगा मुझसे ज्यादा अच्छे से याद होगा क्योंकि भूलने की आदत तो मुझे है फिर भी आज ना जाने क्यों मैं तुम्हें नहीं भूल पा रहा हूँ।

दो बातों से में आज भी काफी परेशान हूं,
पहली : मैं तुम्हें नहीं समझ पाया तुम कहते रहे पर में नहीं सुना।
दूसरी : तुमने मेरा हाथ छोड़ दिया- काश तुम मुझे थोड़ा डांट देते, मिलके थोड़ा इस बार ज्यादा लड़ लेते, या मेरी शिकायत कर देते किसी से पर तुम पर तुम छोड़ कर तो नहीं जाते ना।

आठ महीने लगे थे हमें एक दूसरे की हाँ में हाँ मिलाने के लिए क्योंकि मुझे डर था शायद मैं कोई गलती ना कर दू, मुझे डर था आज जो हुआ है उसके होने का, पर भरोसा तुम पर शायद खुद से भी ज्यादा था की तुम हो तो सब सम्हाल लोगे, पर अब मैं खुद ही टूट गया हूँ। इतने टुकड़ों में बट गया हूँ  की चाह कर भी खुद को नहीं समेट पा रहा हूँ, मुझे तुम्हारी जरुआत है पर अब सायद ये कहने के लिए देर हो गयी है।

कभी खुदा ने चाहा और हम कभी मिले तो इस बार मैं तुमसे माफी नहीं मानूंगा हाँ इतना जरूर पूछूंगा क्या मैं तुम्हें आज भी याद हूँ?

Made Me Cried

I shouted, I doubted…
I made my all try,
Words are only understood by her,
And I explained her with a smile 🙂
I spoke with the loudness of silence…
But all the silence unheard;
This took me to deep emotion..
Which made me cried….

#Sometimes you speak maybe you are right too;
but forget about the language in which people whats you to hear.

Move On

Sometimes I wonder how life plays a conundrum with us. A heart to heart relation, which was “Meant To Be, Just five months before turns into ” Never Going To Happen”. People who love you intensely, your kin, friends and even strangers who barely know you, hear the story for the first time and asks you to “Move On”, “Forget and Move On”.

I know they want better things for me; they want to see me happy and going.
However, I simply do not understand the concept of ‘moving on’.
They asked me to dismiss every source of memories with her. I did.
They asked me to stop weeping over it. I did.
They asked me to stop babbling about what has happened. I did.
Now, they all are at peace, so that they can move on.

I know they want best for me. Especially, my family. I understand they do not want me to go to the past again and regret over the things, which have happened. I know they are worried about me but all we can do is nothing.

Sometimes, a relationship ends, not because the two people are not in love anymore, but because situations arisen cannot be altered.

~ The game of Love has all the taste.

Initially, blaming helps. I remember blaming everyone (especially, my own friends. I still do not understand how no one understood me).
I remember blaming her for growing into things, which took her soberness away, and doing things she should not have.

When something like that happens, it shakes you to the very core and leaves you numb. However, as time passes by, even blaming does not help. I know, clearly, I cannot be with a girl who left me what so ever the reason is but she left.

But the question is, what is her fault in all this; she did not choose the fight. But then again, what she did to me and what I said to her is unacceptable. I am not saying she is wrong or I did wrong but the situation made everything happen.

Clearly, this was not meant to be. I know she was in pain and I know that she knows that I am in pain too. But there’s nothing that we both can do. Neither able to call her back nor able to leave her–I am numb, with myself, with her – with our Love. In all this now I am lost, often blame myself for all that happened but, in reality, I even do not why and what I did that all messed up- I have no explanation but things happened.  
hmm, yeah, I want to ‘Move On’ by my mind. Nevertheless, my heart still searches her, and the question still remains what is to move on? And how to ‘Move On’?

Can not believe once she loved me all,
Today started hating.
The person who walked every step with me,
Today started leaving.
The person who once cried in my sadness
Today laughing with all my tears;
I can not believe on my love,
Was my love was so weak?

I look for Your Heart

Whenever I looked in your eyes, I found myself;
A smile with shyness- in that smile, I found myself;
Sometimes with tears and in all fears, I found myself;
In your very breath and dreams, I found myself,
Just being with you, I felt, I found myself.

Gosh!! But now, Planets has changed their position,
Time has taken some new dimension,
Everything started falling apart in this awful complications,
Fear of losing love took us to a new situation.

The facet of love changed to anxiety now,
The path of our Love has been changed now.

Now, I search your eyes, to show our picture in my heart.
I search your smile, to dissolve my heart,
With all tears and fears, I pray with all heart,
In my very breath and dreams, I look for your heart,
In every situation, I dream you in my heart.